What does a spare hour mean to you?
Is it time to watch some TV?  Enjoy a long lunch? Catch some rays at the beach? Sleep in a little? Whatever you have been doing with your spare hours in a week, if you have ever found yourself thinking about making a difference in your community, changing someone’s life, giving back, paying it forward or even just saying thank you, you have come to the right place.  There are hundreds of organizations in Palm Beach County where one hour of your time can do all of those things and much more. In just one hour you can help to bring a person hope, a child a dream, restore a community, provide a meal, save an animal, an environment or a soul; in just one hour.

Can you spare an hour?
Click below to find an alphabetical listing of nonprofit organizations in Palm Beach County to find an organization that may be able to use you as a volunteer for an hour.  If there is an organization that you think is missing, please contact Patti Leonaggeo at pleonaggeo@bellsouth.net.